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There weren't any entries for the last theme (8), and there never are very many, even with two weeks.  I feel like I'm wasting my effort here, and so if someone wants to take over, sure, but otherwise I'm done.

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Hey, um i'm one of the mods over at the BB comm and i was wondering if you were still running this here jig.

If not, i'm willing to jump on board and try to get it more lively.

Let me know what you think :)
Oh, so sorry for responding so late! >_>

And yeah, I'd like to get it started again. XD

Thanks for your helps. o.o;
Cool. well i was thinking, possibly running monthly comps where entrants actually have the chance to win phiscal prizes?

Like weekly/fortnightly comps could still be run where winners win banners and such, but to get more people interested, we could give away major prizes every month/every second month.

What do you think?
Oh, that's a good idea.

Alright, this Saturday I'll get a theme up again. :]

actually, do you want to wait till September to re-launch the community?

We need to decide what prizes ar gonna be and stuff and i've got work fri-sun so i won't be around to help.

that way we can start fresh and in a new month so it will make things easier to keep track of etc.
Hm, okays.

What do you think a good price range should be for the prizes? I was thinking maybe for the first one have like the Big Bang stickers or something. XD
Yeah, the smaller, cheaper ones. Plus i have a whole bunch of like keyring/magnet things which i can customise with the winner's fave pics of their choice etc.
awwwww i've only found this place and it's dying?? lets promote it abit T_T